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Main attractions of Costa Blanca Spain

Are you planning to shift to Costa Blanca Spain? If yes, this can be one of the great decisions of your life. Shifting to Costa Blanca Spain will mean that you will be able to enjoy a lot. There are several attractions of the place that makes it the best one. Once shifted, you will be able to spend all your free time with great activities. Some of the major attractions of Costa Blanca Spain are as follows:

  1. Terra Mitica Park:

Teera Mitica is a theme park that provides the best recreational activities to the whole family. You can have the best time of your life with your kids and family over there. The park is divided into five different areas. All these areas have different themes. Apart from that, there are several rides available for the enjoyment purposes.

  1. Aqua nature Water Park:

The next best place to visit in Costa Blanca Spain is the aqua nature waterpark. The total area of this park is 40,000 m square. It is specially designed for the people who want to have the best time of their life by enjoying in the water. There are simple pools and wave pools. Take your kids or family to the waterpark and spend a day full of fun activities.

  1. Rio safari park:

If you want to spend a day surrounded by animals and nature, there is a Rio safari park in Costa Blanca Spain. Within this park, there are several animals you can see and spend a good time with. The whole park is surrounded by palm trees that create a natural environment. There are several shows that can be attended.

  1. Toy Museum:

If you are planning to take a trip to back in time, this place is the one for you. The toy museum has a lot to offer. It provides a fresh and a great experience to the people. It also allows them to have an experience of past decades. There are wooden soldiers, rocking horses, toy cars, dollhouses and other kinds of miniatures that can help you in having a great time.

  1. Tabarca island:

Within Costa Blanca Spain, you can experience different beautiful places that mainly include Tabarca Island. This island was considered to the house of pirates some time ago. However, now it is a safe place to visit. You can have a great time by going to the Island on the boat. Have a nice and refreshing boat trip to the island and experience its specialties to a greater extent.

Apart from that above-mentioned, there are several other places that make Costa Blanca Spain a great place. If you are planning to shift to Costa Blanca Spain, you will never face a shortage of places where you can spend your free time in an effective way.