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Spain the online gambling paradise

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Online gambling industry in Spain

Online gambling in Spain is not only legal, but also a local tradition. Spanish gamblers love to gamble. According to statistics, each Spanish citizen spends on average 480 euros each year on online gambling. The world’s largest lottery, called “El Gordo”, is also located in Spain. Its accumulated prize is more than 1.7 billion euros and tickets are sold for only 200 euros.

Spain is the thirteenth largest country in the world in terms of purchasing power parity, and gambling occupies an important place in its economy. Yes, gambling is completely legal in Spain and there are many options that are available to Spanish players. But which are the best, and how do you find the best online casinos in Spain? As always, we will be happy to answer this question and inform you about the best websites in Spain.

If you are wondering if online casino is legal in Spain, the answer is yes. According to the Spanish Gambling Law, the legal age for online gambling in Spain is 18 years old and there are no restrictions in this regard – you can play in online casinos roulette, sports betting sites, and engage in all kinds of gambling activities.

The truth is that Spain was the first country in Europe to fully legalize gambling (more than 30 years ago), but this was ineffective due to the nature of the country. Spain is made up of 13 autonomous regions and each one of them had its own laws and legislation in this regard. So a decision made by the national government did not affect the region of Catalonia, for example.

In 2012, a national Gambling Act came into force which declared all forms of gambling as legal in all regions. If you want to launch a local online casino website in Spain, you need to acquire a license from the Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego (DGOJ) and obtain a web address ending with “.es”.

What is the best online casino in Spain?

Yes, playing at the online casino in Spain is legal, but this does not mean that you should play at just any online casino site. The quality of your online gambling experience will depend on the site you choose, so you should be very careful. In order to help you, here is a list of the best online casino websites in Spain.

  1. Genesis Casino
  2. PlayUZU Casino
  3. PlayToro Casino
  4. MarathonBet Casino
  5. Betsson Casino
  6. Luckia Casino
  7. LeoVegas Casino
  8. 888 Casino
  9. PAF Casino
  10. Circus Casino

The Spanish gambling industry is quite advanced and to be honest, there are no “disadvantages” that I can see. Online gambling is legal in Spain for those over the age of 18 and the government hardly or timidly restricts it. You can play anywhere and anytime you want.

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