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Spanish citizenship: Requirements and rules

If you are planning to live in Spain on a permanent basis, there is a need to follow all the related laws. The first step is to apply for the permanent residency. The application can also be submitted to become a citizen of Spain. A person will be able to apply for permanent residency only when they have been living in the country for the past five years. The duration can also exceed. After this much of residency, a person will be able to apply for permanent residency. As far as Spanish nationality is concerned, a person needs to spend more than 10 years to become eligible for it.

Details of applying for the permanent residency:

If you are planning to apply for permanent residency in the Spain, there is a legal requirement that you should live in the country for five straight years without a break. This is the only way through a non-EU national will be able to apply. The attainment of long-term residency in the Spain will allow you to work or live as per the laws of the people who are living as Spanish nationals in the country. The rights will be the same as well.

Another important aspect is that you have to prove that you have enough resources for you and your family. This will include scholarship, salary, pension or any financial option. This will also be considered as a proof of private and public health insurance company that is authorized to operate within the country.

Apart from the above-mentioned proof, there is a possibility that a person has to provide following information too:

  • A valid passport
  • Criminal record certificate that is issued by the home country at the name of that specified person
  • Proof of being a legal resident in Spain. It can be a legal contract from a company or a receipt of rent.
  • Provision of a proof that health assistance is guaranteed during the stay in the Spain.
  • Papers related to marital status. This will include marriage or divorce certificates.
  • Medical certificate only if the person did not submit it while applying for temporary residence.

Getting Spanish citizenship:

A person is eligible to apply for Spanish citizenship only when they have been living in the country for more than 10 years. There is a need to provide proof that they have been living in the country. The nationality can also be acquired through birth or marriage. It will also be provided to you even if your parents were not born in Spain.

Apart from that, a person also has to provide a proof that they are good citizens. This will include their financial stability, no criminal record at all, sufficient integration into the Spanish community i.e. being able to speak Spanish or taking part in different social activities.

After the completion of these requirements, it will be easier to get either permanent residence or Spanish citizenship.